Video from the channel «Dating Beyond Borders».

Have you ever dated a Japanese woman and had a first-hand experience on dating culture in Japan?

Dating in Japan as a foreigner can definitely cause for some hilarious situations. This video highlights some of the cultural differences and challenges you will face while dating a woman from Japan.

Japanese women find it difficult to turn down men who ask them out of a date - perhaps especially foreign men - so you'll have to observe them carefully to determine if they are genuinely interested in you. For the same reason, even if she agrees to go out on a date, it's not necessarily a sign that she has a romantic interest in you. That said Japanese women don't have the same notion of casual dating that is prevalent in the West, so they will probably be taking any dates after your first pretty seriously. So, understanding this, foreign guys should also take them seriously. As a Western male, I was repeatedly surprised at how rapidly Japanese women's conception of the seriousness of our relationship progressed.

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