Video from the channel «Nobita from Japan».

I'm a Christian and my impression from watching this video is that Christianity enjoys a rather positive, albeit obscure, image in Japan, an image that so-called missionaries are actively trying to destroy today. Many holy men have sacrificed themselves to preserve and to spread the good news of Christianity, but those who merely seek to make their club larger by recruiting new members, without any respect for the intellects of those who they are trying to recruit, are ruining the very same message that they are trying to spread.

I applaud the honesty of that one Japanese woman who said that these aggressive recruiting measures (visiting uninvited, multiple times) made her image of Christianity worse. The people who are guilty of behaving that way are trying to convert a sovereign and culturally rich nation like Japan with force and pressure, as if they were dealing with cattle. Justice would be if Japan sends those who come in the name of Christ, but act merely on personal interest, home, for good.

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