Video from the channel «Rachel Oates».

«It’s really comforting hearing from another woman who doesn’t want kids. That’s a huge dealbreaker of mine as well. I have to be with someone who doesn’t want them and I need to know for sure they won’t try and pressure me later down the line.»

Beth Noelle

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«Minor thing, but I appreciate you so much for always including asexual people in your talking points. We get left out of the conversation so often that it's very refreshing to feel seen and heard. Ace people know this checklist very well... it makes looking for a compatible partner difficult, but ace dating spaces always encourage people to make those lists and understand what's important to them. The first time I joined one, the matchmaking event was specifically based on those checklists, needs and preferences. It felt much more mature to me than any dating app.»

Ace of Hearts

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