Video from the channel «Takashii from Japan».

I find it's interesting how in Japan, it's "Japanese" and "foreigners" but in western countries, we're mostly a large range of foreigners from different countries that can all speak English and other languages xD Interracial dating is super common as a result.

I really find it interesting that so many ppl in Japan are open to doing certain things. I feel like I was born in the wrong country, lol. I would love to learn the Japanese language and even live in Japan. Their culture is so cool to me. The food, the life style, the personalities. Its like awesome from what I have been checking out. Japan is beautiful and I understand why a lot of ppl walk around and chill outside a lot. If I ever had an opportunity to go to Japan. I would in a heartbeat. Would like to make some cool friends as well. Female or male. Awesome video dude.

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