One of the main problems of those people who achieve this or that level of success in society is their own vices. These vices can be attributed to bad character traits. Usually these traits are the result of pride and arrogance. And sometimes just because a person is an asshole. However, there is an opinion that being an asshole is a good quality, but it is not so. If you are an asshole, it can ruin your life and career if your problem is not eradicated in a timely manner.

Excessive arrogance and other traits of an asshole have ruined many successful lives of various successful people. However, many people still prefer to close their eyes to their own problems. And they prefer to blame the circumstances or find the reason in something else, but not in themselves. The number of strong people in this world who have suffered from their own snobbery is quite large. This is what the Finnish writer Ari Turunen tells us about.

If you are looking for a cure for your own vices, I recommend that you study this book. Also, you can use this guide to slightly mitigate the consequences of poor parenting. By the way, upbringing received from parents is a common cause of snobbery in society. Do not pass by this book. Despite the fact that recently people read much less often, this book is worth paying attention to. In the era of TV and YouTube, it is much easier to watch video content. But this book is worth your time.

Translated into Russian: Как перестать быть мудаком и снобом
French translation: ..

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